09 May 2018

Staycation at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

Back in February, I received an invitation from Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek to their Family Fun Day. It was an event to celebrate their newly renovated rooms, and the day was filled with lots of singing, zumba dancing, delicious food, games, and other fun activities with prizes given out. One of them was a muffin decorating contest where kids of all ages showed their artistic skills.  Our girls eagerly joined and to our surprise, the muffins by Sophie and her partner (the two youngest participants) were the ones that caught Chef Uwe Micheel’s eye and were declared the winners. Throughout the event, people were taking pictures and actively sharing them on their social media accounts. Naturally, I joined the bandwagon, and lo and behold, my photo of the kids having fun on the bed was chosen as the Best Instagram Post. That’s 2 winnings in 1 night! Wow!
photo by Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek
So what were our prizes? An overnight stay with breakfast at one of the hotel’s newly renovated rooms, and a voucher for food and drinks at Fish Market restaurant! Hurray!

Come to think of it, Sophie was also our good luck charm in winning an overnight stay in another property way back when she was still in my tummy.  And now she did it again 6 years later! It's obvious she really loves hotels ☺

Since we hadn’t made any plans for my birthday, we decided to take advantage of one of the prizes so that we could spend the weekend lazing around and enjoying the hotel’s facilities. After speaking to Christine (their Sales Executive) who made all the arrangements, I received a confirmation for our stay, and fast forward to March, we arrived at the hotel on the 23rd.

While Hubby gave the car key to the valet, a bellboy immediately helped unload our things into a trolley. There were a few guests checking in and out at the Reception, but when it was my turn, everything was a breeze. The lady even greeted me when she noticed that it was my birthday.
Caila and Sophie were a bit disappointed that our room was just at the first floor (i.e. there wasn’t much of a view outside the balcony), but they lightened up when I pointed out that the pool was on the same level which made it very easy to go to.

The king bed was enough to fit the four of us very comfortably.  That night, we conked out practically as soon as the lights were off and our tired bodies hit the soft pillows and duvet.
Breakfast the next day was at Boulvar, their international all-day dining restaurant. It had the regular fare of breakfast items you would normally see in a buffet, but what caught my eye was the do-it-yourself orange juicer. It was definitely much easier, less messy, and more fun to use than the small manual juicers I’m accustomed to.
Of course we couldn’t leave the hotel without swimming in the pool otherwise our girls would throw a fit. The water was cold but very refreshing and Caila and Sophie enjoyed the pool to themselves because everyone else was sunbathing.
Before we knew it, 3pm came and it was time to leave. A bellboy promptly came to our room minutes after we called, check-out was fast, and our luggage was already in our car when we stepped out of the hotel.

As you can probably tell, we didn't get to maximize our stay at the hotel and use most of its facilities as much as we wanted to. The reason was Caila had classes and lessons on Friday and Saturday so many times were spent shuffling her to and from those places.  Oh well. At least the kids enjoyed the pool...and we all had a very relaxing sleep in the soft king-sized bed ☺
Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek
Baniyas Road, Deira
Phone: 04-2227171
E-mail: info.deiracreek.dubai@radissonblu.com 

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