09 September 2017

ItadaKids Sushi and Maki Making Sessions

Even though Itadaki Japanese Restaurant is located all the way at Wasl Vita in Jumeirah, our family frequently dine there because we love their food and it’s our girls’ favourite place to eat. They have a wide selection on their menu, most of which are creative rolls of maki and sushi that are so tasty and delectable, you hardly need to dip them in sauce.

One day, we were informed that Itadaki would be having its own ItadaKids sushi and maki making sessions, so since we didn’t enroll Caila and Sophie in any activity this summer, we eagerly registered them for the first batch.
The first session started with the kids being prepped up: hands were thoroughly washed, and aprons, hairnets and gloves were put on.
Once they were ready, twelve pairs of eyes eagerly listened to Chef Virgy as she explained the importance of safe food handling, identified the different things that were needed, what they were for, and of course, how to make sushi rolls.
The young ones enthusiastically followed the instructions, and I could see that Sophie was very serious as she made hers. Most of the kids were making rolls for the first time and a few of them were very young, so some of the staff assisted when a helping hand was needed…especially when it was time to cut the rolls because the knives were the white disposable ones.
The end result? Tasty rolls that we all enjoyed, including servings of Yakisoba for each of the kids.
The following Friday was the second session. This time, after they were asked to make sushi rolls (to check if they remembered what they learned last time) they were taught how to make maki rolls. Pretty much the same way to make sushi rolls except this time, the rice and other fillings are inside the nori.
I figured that after the sessions, that was it. But to my surprise, the ItadaKids had a mini graduation! Except for a couple of kids who couldn’t make it that day, all the little participants from the different batches showed up and each one was called in front to receive their individual little chef hat and Certificate of Completion. Plus, there were special certificates given to those who impressed Chef Virgy and her team with their enthusiasm and final products during the sessions.
At Dhs150 per child, it was well worth the wonderful experience for my girls. They learned new things, made new friends, ate and appreciated what they made, and had fun!
For those of you interested, Itadaki Restaurant is planning to have another ItadaKids batch for sushi and maki making on the 22nd and 29th of September. And on the 23rd and 30th of September, they’ll be holding sessions to teach children how to make noodles.

Now don't you think this would be a great opportunity for the kids to prepare a meal for once? ☺

Itadaki Japanese Restaurant 
Wasl Vita, Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1 
Phone: 04-3427999 or 052-6121118

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