02 May 2017

Happy 11th Work Anniversary to Me!

All over the world, the workforce celebrates Labour Day on May 1. While everyone enjoys the day off, we at this part of the planet continue to work simply because we don’t recognize the holiday here. On the other hand, this day is special to me because on this day in 2006 I joined the company I’m currently working at.

Can you believe it’s been 11 years? Time sure flies fast. Although it hasn’t been exactly a walk in the park, I have to say that I’ve been happy most of the time. I like what I’m doing, and the relationship I have with my colleagues and managers is great. Sure there were instances when we would have conflicts, but generally, we all get along fine. It’s also a bonus to be working for a multinational company that’s known worldwide for its quality products.

So anyway, yesterday was a normal day at the office. Only few people knew that it was my work anniversary, so I was surprised when two of the managers of one of the companies we work with came by to personally give me this amazing flower arrangement:
Isn’t it just WOW?! It was huge, and certainly the biggest bunch of flowers I’ve ever received! And all pretty and fresh roses too ☺ Needless to say, I couldn’t thank M and G enough for their surprise. Normally, you wouldn’t expect people or companies like them to do something like this (after all, I was just one of their clients), much less remember dates that only you would know, so I really, really appreciated their gesture. 

As much as I would have wanted to bring my "small flower garden" home, there simply wasn’t any space to put it. And if I did, my girls would most probably be picking off the flowers for whatever use they could imagine. Instead, I opted to leave it at our reception, where it’s now prettifying our front office to brighten everyone’s day when they enter.
It definitely lifts my mood whenever I pass by and look at it ☺
Thank you once again, M and G! ☺

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