22 May 2017

Grease the Musical

Back when we were kids in Papua New Guinea, whenever my siblings and I had the chance to borrow VHS tapes from our friends or the neighbourhood video rental shop, my sister and I almost always chose the movies with lots of singing and dancing. I guess it was because Papa was musically-inclined so he somehow influenced our preferences in movies. Some of our favorites until now are The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Grease. I remember we enjoyed watching those movies over and over again, singing along when the characters sang, and not caring if we were out of tune ☺

So when Ate Ning received an invitation to watch Grease the Musical one day early last month, she knew immediately who to call to accompany her…her favourite sister, of course! ☺ We actually had a funny conversation when she called to tell me about it which involved oil, baby oil, olive oil, and gasoline.  Hahaha!
We met up after work outside DWTC on the 9th of April and followed the signs pointing to the venue.
Upon entering the hall, a scene from the ‘50s and ‘60s welcomed our eyes. There were vintage cars and bikes on display, as well as retro clothes and bags being sold.  Unfortunately, the lighting was mostly blue lights so the pictures I took weren't very good.
I admit that I expected the musical to be the same as the movie, but obviously I was wrong. I can’t say that it was better, but I can’t say I was disappointed either. I guess live musicals on-stage and their movie counterparts have their own special and distinct qualities.
I do admit, however, that I found the show very entertaining. All of the actors and actresses portrayed their characters very well, and each of them had their own moments to shine.
Sandy and Danny
I especially liked the lady who played Rizzo; the way she delivered her lines and played her part was just like the character in the film.
There were some scenes and characters that were not in the movie but were very interesting to watch, as well as many songs that were not in the film version but were still catchy and enjoyable to listen to.  Of course my sister and I (along with everyone else who watched) couldn’t help singing along to the songs we were familiar with like Summer Nights, Hopelessly Devoted to You, and Greased Lightnin'.

And as the show was nearing the end, all of the characters came on stage to perform Grease’s most popular songs. By then, Ate Ning and I couldn’t help standing up and joining the audience in singing, clapping and swaying our hips to You’re The One That I Want and We Go Together.
I loved the storyline, the songs, the amazing choreography, the colorful clothes, the different stage backgrounds to fit the scenes...everything!

So if Grease the Musical happens to play in your local hall or theatre or concert-place, I highly recommend you to watch it.  I guarantee you'll love it, just like we did.  And for sure you'll want to relive the magic of the yesteryears all over again by watching the movie starring Olivia Newton John and John Travolta...just like I did ☺

Thank you, Ate for a great night of fun and music!

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