10 January 2017

Sisters in Switzerland: Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains

Judging from the title and my previous post about our trip, I’m sure you’d have guessed that my sister and I stayed at the prestigious Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains when we were in St. Moritz last year. Unbelievable huh?!  Even I still can’t believe how lucky we were!

The hotel certainly lives up to its name. Everything about it shouted luxury and grandeur.  Very impressive!
Staff & Service
As he drove us away from the train station and towards the hotel, the chauffeur chatted with us a bit, pointing out the different places we passed by.  We arrived in the lobby at around 3pm, and although it was buzzing with guests, we were received promptly, breezed through check-in, and led to our room by one of their bellboys with our bags following shortly.  I’m happy to point out that aside from being efficient, the staff were very friendly and helpful all throughout our stay.  Not once did we have to follow-up any requests or asked to wait for an unreasonable amount of time.

The Room
Ate Ning and I spent our two nights at St. Moritz in a Deluxe Double Room that had a television, working desk, and scenic view of the mountains just outside the window.  The bathroom had a separate bathtub and shower, an electric heating towel rail, and the essential amenities.
Breakfast at Les Saisons
Our days began with buffet breakfast at the very spacious and stunning Les Saisons where we feasted on a variety of breads and croissants, ham, fruits and nuts, cheese, homemade jams, eggs cooked to our liking, cereals and granola, fresh fruit and detox juices, and yoghurt.
On both our mornings, we sat at one of the tables beside the window with a view of the Kempinski Residences where we enjoyed seeing the snow fall softly.
you can hardly see the snow falling in this picture, but believe me,
it was always snowing in the mornings ☺
Dinner at Enoteca
On our last night at the prestigious hotel, we had dinner at its Enoteca restaurant where we simply relished the food which was a mix of local and Mediterranean cuisine.
Other diners didn't start arriving until around 8pm so my sister and I were able to enjoy the special attention given by the manager and servers who cheerily took our pictures when we asked them.

I'm not sure what we ate for mains but we definitely had pasta and side dishes of potato wedges (carbo overload!☺).  For dessert, we shared our orders of Tiramisu (mine) and Berry Plate with Sorbet (Ate Ning's), while trying the different sweets served on a wooden frame in the middle of our table.  And although I can't remember the names of all we had, I can remember that everything we consumed was delicious, and we had a really delightful evening thanks to the swift service by the staff.
Smokers Lounge and Library
Occasionally, my sister and I would go to the Smokers Lounge and Library so that she could take her "Vitamin C" (what she calls her cigarette ☺).  Located just beside Enoteca, guests could come and go as they pleased because it was open 24 hours a day.  A variety of alcoholic beverages was available, as well as coffee and tea, and bookshelves were filled with really old (ancient-looking) books.
What I especially liked about the room was that it gave an air of relaxation and solitude; and despite being a place where people could smoke to their heart's desire, I could hardly trace any strong smells of tobacco, thanks to the incense or oils or I-don't-know-what they used.

I honestly can't think of anything negative about the hotel or its staff because we were simply impressed with everything.  No wonder it's a highly recommended place to stay at when visiting the number one Alpine holiday destination.

Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains is known for giving its guests a memorable stay, and Ate Ning and I are just thankful that we were very lucky and blessed to have this experience.
Disclaimer: We used a voucher for a 2-night stay at Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains (inclusive of breakfast); and although we had no obligation to review the property, I wanted to share our experience on my blog. Views and opinions are my own.

Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains
Via Mezdi 27 7500, St. Moritz, Switzerland 
Phone: +41-81-8383838 
E-mail: info.stmoritz@kempinski.com

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