17 January 2017

Downtown Slide and More at the Burj Plaza

Bored at staying home almost everyday last week (because our nanny is in the Philippines for vacation and it's my turn to be the stay-at-home mom until she returns), I begged Hubby to take me and the girls out last Friday.  Although we needed to buy some groceries, I didn't want to just visit the mall and go to the supermarket; I wanted a change of scenery.

Fortunately, Caila remembered seeing a giant slide at Downtown Dubai when we passed by the area a week before and asked if we could go there.  I agreed, and we convinced Hubby that that would be the place we would go to that afternoon.

The Downtown Slide is located at Burj Plaza, where you can enjoy a perfect view of Burj Khalifa and Souk Al Bahar.  Underground parking spaces are available nearby so you don't have to walk very far.
According to Emaar's website, the Downtown Slide is 7 metres tall at its highest point, 19 metres long, and mounted at a 30 degree angle.  Even during Dubai's extreme temperatures in summer, the stainless steel slide is always kept cool due to the state-of-the-art insulation incorporated into the integral design.  That's good to know!☺

But the best thing about this tourist attraction?  It's totally free! Hurray!

As soon as our eldest saw the slide, she ran up the steps and up to the top where she waited until it was her turn.  She wasn't daunted at all by the huge enclosed metal tube; she was just extremely excited.  Here's her reaction the first time she went down:
Gotta love how fast her emotions changed in just a few seconds, huh? From scared and shocked to instantly realizing how absolute fun it was.  Of course just by looking at that last photo, you can guess she immediately scrambled to her feet and hurried back up for another thrilling experience.

She did that over and over again.

Seeing her enthusiasm and wanting the same, I decided to follow her on her third trip up.  And...
My girls were probably wondering if I actually had the guts to go down the slide.
Sophie even called out "Are you there, Mommy? Are you coming down?" ☺
Of course I went down.  You didn't think I would chicken out, did you? ☺  It was F-U-N!  I'm not kidding!  I tried a couple more times after that because it was just so exhilirating.

Despite seeing our delighted faces, Sophie didn't want to go.  I managed to convince her to slide down with me on my third time, but even though she said she wasn't scared, she didn't want to try again.  Oh well.

Aside from several restaurants and cafes surrounding the Plaza, there were stands of carnival games where kids and adults could play and win stuffed toys.
Hubby teased me that I looked like a staff, thus the reason of this picture ☺
It was a good thing the Burj Plaza also has an area of swings and hammocks for kids (and kids-at-heart) so our youngest was able to enjoy herself while we were there.  Eventually, Caila joined her sister after she became tired of the giant slide.
Aside from the Burj Khalifa and Souk Al Bahar, there are a few other things to see in the area if you walk a bit.  Like these:
residential & commercial buildings and the lake
Dubai Opera
Byky for rent
One of my favorites was this structure of the famous hand sign of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE.
In case you're wondering what it means, Sheikh Mohammed's "three-finger salute" stands for the letters W, V, and L: W for Win, V for Victory, and L for Love.  

Of course I couldn't leave without a picture of me with the iconic building at the background to remember our visit ☺
And that's how our afternoon went when we set out to try the Downtown Slide.  Burj Plaza is a nice place to unwind, and full of fun for kids and adults alike.  Try going yourself if you haven't yet.  

And make sure to go down the slide at least once when you do.  Don't mind what others might think.  As the saying goes, "Live your life and forget your age!"

Downtown Slide
Burj Plaza, Downtown Dubai
Normal Opening Hours: 4pm to 1am
Ramadan Opening Hours: 5pm to 2am
Open to public, free of charge

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