04 November 2016

Sisters in Switzerland: Train Ride from Zürich to St. Moritz

The third day of our Switzerland trip was a Sunday, so in the morning, all the shops were still closed and Zürich was pretty quiet.  Plus, it was drizzling.  Still, my sister and I decided to go out because we wanted to find a church to say a prayer of thanks before leaving the city.  We came across this church, and although it wasn't a Catholic one, we still went in to talk to God because we didn't want to go too far and get lost.

While waiting for the train that would take us back to Albisriederplatz, we noticed a shop that had a pretty cool name, so we took pictures just for fun.
Who's guilty?! 
A (sort of) decent we-fie so we could have a picture with the train
When we returned to Crowne Plaza Zürich, we didn't stay long anymore.  Excited to go to our next destination, we packed the rest of our stuff, asked for directions on how to go to the train station that would take us to St. Moritz, and checked out.
Arriving at the Zürich main station, we purchased tickets that would take us to St. Moritz and back (so we wouldn't have to worry about buying them for our return trip on Tuesday).  Knowing that the ride would be a long one, we made sure to buy some sandwiches and snacks so we wouldn't get hungry.

The train from Zürich took us to Chur station which lasted like an hour and a half.  Then from Chur we rode another train for a little over 2 hours to the high alpine luxury resort in Engadine valley.  The entire journey took almost 4 hours.  Luckily, the views on the way up were awesome so we weren't bored.  And the higher the train went towards the alps, we could see the change in temperature of the cities.  From not having snow, to the ones that did, which made us more and more excited as we approached the end of the ride.
Map of our ride from Chur to St. Moritz
(I had just taken a nap which explains my "Just woke up" look )
Somewhere along the way, an inspector checked our tickets and asked us questions. When we told him where we were from, he excitedly asked us about all the famous landmarks the emirate is known for: Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab, Ski Dubai, and even Dubai Mall. Quite a talkative fellow, but friendly just the same.

Finally, we arrived. I had only read about the two-time host of the Winter Olympics in books and magazines, and knowing that it's a popular destination for the very rich and famous (because they're the only ones who can afford to visit), I seriously couldn't believe it.

Me and my sister. We weren't either rich or famous.  But we were at St. Moritz! Woohoo! I'd like to think we were just very lucky and very blessed that time.

Anyway, the first thing we noticed as we stepped out of the train was the weather.  It was snowing! And freezing. Our bodies were warm but our mittens were packed in the suitcases.  Good thing our jackets had pockets, so we just tucked them inside as we stood in the middle of the station. There were a number of vehicles and cabs waiting for passengers, but we hadn't informed the hotel what time we were arriving.  Luckily there was a big directory board of hotels at the station.  
So we looked for the name of the place where we would be staying, pressed the button beside it, and when a lady answered, Ate Ning requested for a chauffeured vehicle to pick us up.  After around 5 minutes, we saw a black BMW arrive.  A young man got out from the driver's seat, asked us if we were the ones waiting for the car, and after he had put our luggage in the trunk, we relaxed in the warmth of the ride to the luxurious hotel where we would be staying for two days in the most expensive ski resort in the world.

Next on our Switzerland trip: our stay at Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains.

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