10 November 2016

Singaporean Cuisine at Peppercrab, Grand Hyatt Dubai

Another invitation to eat in a restaurant I’ve never been to came my way last month! Grand Hyatt Dubai has several award-winning restaurants, one of which is Peppercrab. And knowing that they serve Singaporean cuisine (which I’ve never tried) and seafood (my favourite!), I confirmed me and Hubby for dinner on the 27th of October.

Leaving our girls at home and promising to treat them the next day (after all, it was our family day), Hubby and I stepped into the lobby of the luxury hotel and were welcomed by Grand Hyatt Dubai's Sales Manager who was waiting for us. Markuz immediately led us down the steps, past the indoor rainforest (I just love that part of the hotel!), and into the restaurant where we were immediately attended to and shown to our table, passing by a big silver arowana (dragon fish) in a huge aquarium on the way.
After perusing the menu, we gave our orders to the server; and while waiting for the food, we were given crackers with four different sauces to munch on.
Hubby and Markuz each had a bowl of Hot and Sour Seafood Soup to whet their appetites. It was piping hot when served, but I’m guessing it must have been good because both men had emptied out their bowls by the time we were finished with the appetizers.

We also had Chicken and Beef Satay (with achar, lontong and peanut sauce) that were so tasty, we hungrily devoured them.
Once the Singapore Roasted Duck was served, I eagerly helped myself to make a roll. The duck was perfectly cooked with crispy skin and the slices were just the right size; actually, they were a bit bigger than I expected. To say that each bite was extremely satisfying is an understatement. I think I ate about 4 rolls in all!
We couldn’t eat at Peppercrab without trying the restaurant’s signature dish, so of course we had that for our main course. Guests can order the Crab Marinated in Pepper Sauce in the shell or out; and although it might have been fun to get the crabmeat out ourselves (complete with the apron and tools), we chose the cleaner, less-fuss option. It looks small, but surprisingly this serving was more than enough for the three of us. It was packed with so much flavour, brought about by the sauce which perfectly complemented the crabmeat.
And naturally, being the authentic Asians we are (from the Philippines and South Korea), we couldn't try something as delicious as this without rice...a plate of yummy Seafood Fried Rice! ☺
Being a seafood lover, this combination made me fill my plate several times over the course of the dinner.  I swear, it was that good! 

Unfortunately, although the food was exceptional, I can't say the same thing about the service.  Oh, the servers were polite...it's just that it took them soooo long to bring us the main course. Well, maybe it's not their fault; maybe it was the chefs' fault.  But still the wait wasn't reasonable. 

Nonetheless, I would still highly recommend Peppercrab.  With such a wide variety of delectable dishes to choose from, you definitely can't go wrong with the food. The prices are a bit steep, but it's still a great place to take guests who are visiting or you want to celebrate a special occasion.

And with the hotel's fantastic indoor forest (complete with lakes and real fish, waterfall, and bridges) the ambiance that surrounds you is nothing short than perfect.
Disclaimer: We were invited to dine at Peppercrab as guests; and although I was not obliged to write a review, I wanted to share our experience on my blog. All views and opinions are my own.

Peppercrab Restaurant
Grand Hyatt Dubai
Umm Hurair 2, Dubai
Phone: 04-3172221

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