25 August 2016

Thursdate With Sis at J&G Steakhouse

My first experience with St. Regis was back in 2012 when we spent a night at the lush resort in Saadiyat Island. From the special service we received, to the grand suite we stayed in and delicious food we enjoyed…everything was amazing! Since then, I’ve always thought of the brand as luxurious. When news came out that it had opened its doors to a new property in Dubai, I knew that I wanted to visit the place. A night's stay would be great, but since that wasn't likely in the near future, a chance to set foot in St. Regis Dubai and see how elegant it really was would be enough for me.

Which is why, when Ate Ning called me with an invitation for dinner at the hotel's J&G Steakhouse last week, I cleared my schedule for Thursday. Bonding with my sister over a free dinner at a luxury hotel…you can’t say no to that, right? ☺

Upon entering the hotel grounds that night, I couldn’t help but stare in awe at what I was seeing. The gardens and path leading to St. Regis Dubai was simply grand, making me feel like I was approaching a palace. The lobby was just as magnificent with two marbled staircases and an impressive chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
I just love the gold accents on the staircase!
Compared to the brightly lit hotel lobby, the lighting in the J&G Steakhouse was dim, but we didn’t mind because it fit the ambiance anyway.

Since it was the last day of the workweek, we were served their special Tomahawk Thursdays promotion…and boy, were we in for a surprise. You’ll see why later.

Diners can choose from their selection of imported wines, but because we don’t drink alcohol, my sister and I opted to have a glass each of the Cucumber Lemonade mocktail.
While waiting for our food, we were given warm bread and butter.
To stimulate our appetite, we had these:
Prawn & Salmon Gyoza
Roasted Rainbow Carrots
Foie Gras
The Roasted Rainbow Carrots (they weren't different colours, though) tasted like they were cooked from your own backyard. Yum! I’m not much of a liver eater, but since my sister asked for the Foie Gras and assured me it was delicious, I hesitantly tried it. It was a good thing she was right. The duck (or was it goose?) liver practically melted as soon as it was in my mouth and I cleared my plate with gusto.

Our entrée was, naturally, the Tomahawk steak; and as our medium well done steak was being wheeled in on a trolley towards our table, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Weighing 1.4kg, it was huge!
As we calmed down from our shock, Gökhan then proceeded to tell us all about the quality Queensland beef, explaining the different parts as he cut the meat.
We tried them all (the different parts, I mean) and I have to say the meat from near the bone was the most flavourful of all. We enjoyed this with generous servings of Smashed Peas, Shallot & Smoked Butter and Truffle Macaroni & Cheese.
Regretfully and as you can expect, our tummies didn’t have much space, so we couldn’t finish the entire thing. An order is for 2, but in our opinion, it could probably feed 4 to 6 people.

In between bites, Ate Ning and I would talk about whatever what was going on in our lives.  And since she's a doting aunt to Caila and Sophie, I updated her with their latest antics and kalokohans.

Despite being full, we simply couldn’t not have our favourite part of the meal. Dessert was Warm Chocolate Cake paired with Coconut Milk Sorbet topped with Pepper Tuile.
It was absolutely yummy and we devoured it as if we hadn’t just filled our stomachs a few minutes earlier ☺ It was the perfect end to our sumptuous meal.
oozing with chocolate from the inside
Thank you for the experience, Ate! Sa uulitin! 
Disclaimer: We were invited to dine at J&G Steakhouse as guests; and although we had no obligation to review, I wanted to share our experience on my blog. All views and opinions are my own.

J&G Steakhouse
St. Regis Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Phone: 04-4355577

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