22 August 2016

Sisters in Switzerland: Strolling Around Zürich

With only 2 full days in Zürich, my sister and I immediately set out to explore the city by ourselves on our first afternoon.  The hotel staff had given us a map and mentioned some places for us to visit, but we decided to go wherever our feet (and available buses) would take us. Anyway, most of the people we had met earlier were friendly when we asked them directions, so we assured ourselves that if we got lost (which thankfully didn't happen), we could easily find our way simply by asking around.

We didn't completely ignore the hotel staff's suggestions, though.  Since he highly recommended going up to the church near the University, that's the first thing we did.  It had started to drizzle on our way but we continued and took our time.

When we reached the top, we realized why the hotel staff told us to go there.  We could see the town, lake, and mountains beyond the city!  The view was simply amazing! For a few minutes, we just stared and took in the scenery...only deciding to leave when we felt the rain starting to pour.  Unfortunately though, for some crazy reason, we forgot to take pictures of the views, and we realized this only when we were back in the hotel looking at the shots we took. Augh!

As we continued on our way around Central Zürich, we just took pictures of whatever caught our eye.
I honestly have no idea what this place is. My sister just told me to put my hand up like that ☺
these cool stars made from recycled plastic bottles lit up the streets at night
Soon after, we realized we were hungry since our first complete meal was hours ago on the plane, so we looked for somewhere to eat.  Can you guess what we had?
If only we had known the servings would be this huge, we would have just ordered one meal to share. Oh well. At least we had a taste of how Swiss McDonald’s tastes like…which was actually pretty good even though the price was a bit steep.

After a filling meal, we continued walking around.
Occasionally, we would ask random people passing by to take our pictures so that we could have decent ones together☺
We saw quite a number of lovelocks as we walked across the Mühlesteg bridge on the Limmat River.
Since it was winter, these trees’ branches were bare…but nonetheless, I still found them beautiful enough to have my picture taken with them ☺
Occasionally, we would enter some shops just to see the things that were being sold. We didn’t buy anything, though; there was plenty of time and places to buy souvenirs later.

Finally, we came upon Confiserie Sprüngli. They said it’s a must to visit this luxury chocolate manufacturer when you’re in Switzerland, so we made sure to enjoy their hot drinks, macarons, and truffles as we rested our tired feet.
You can bet they were absolutely delicious!

For the next day, we decided to join a tour. After all, that’s the fastest and best way to visit the nearby cities and experience tourist attractions, right?  And it was absolutely amazing! But that’s another day which calls for another post of our Switzerland trip to watch out for ☺


  1. Nice photos Ate Pam! Pero sayang hindi nakuhanan yung view from the church. Sana in the next year or two, makapagtravel din kami ng sisters ko :)

    1. Thanks, Mauh! Oo nga, nakakainis. Sayang talaga.
      Yes, sana magawa nyo. Masaya at magandang bonding experience sya :)


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