14 October 2013

little explorers

Several weekends ago, we decided to give Caila a treat to mark the beginning of a new schoolyear ahead. Taking advantage of the Entertainer voucher we had, we invited our friends so that their son could also enjoy the experience. So as agreed, we met up at Mirdif City Centre on a Friday morning, purchased the tickets, and the two children entered Little Explorers with their daddies. For almost 2 hours, the kids had a great time with their daddies following them as they explored the 5 zones of the edutainment centre:
     • I discover myself
     • I can do
     • I locate myself
     • All together
     • I experiment

As you can tell, the centre is generally about self-discovery, experimenting and understanding your surroundings.

While they enjoyed themselves at Little Explorer, we (the mommies) and the kids’ baby sisters went window-shopping around the mall. By the time it was 12:30pm, we received a call from the daddies saying that it was time to have lunch and get some rest so we all headed to California Pizza Kitchen where we used another Entertainer voucher. We ordered their Cheeseburger Pizza and Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, two types of pastas (I can’t remember what kind), and drinks.

After a couple of hours when we had our fill, the kids returned to Little Explorers, this time with the mommies accompanying them. Even though our kids had already explored everything earlier, they still couldn’t help trying out all the zones all over again. And it was actually fun for us adults too as we tried them out as well! From time to time, you could hear us say “Ang galing!” or “Ang cute!” and “Ganon pala yun!” and even “Ang saya!”  Seriously, ang galing, ang cute and ang saya talaga!  There were so many things and contraptions to keep the kids busy and entertained.  Here are photos of just some of them.


It was a great way to spend the last weekend of the summer vacation…for the kids and parents!

Little Explorers
Mirdif City Centre
Dhs130 per child (with 1 adult) for an All-day Access Pass in the 5 Zones

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