20 October 2013

mama has left dubai

This morning, Mama boarded the plane for her flight back to the Philippines. Being an OFW, it’s practically normal to have to say goodbye at the airport. But despite it being a regular occurrence, it’s always difficult to say goodbye to loved ones. So you can imagine that before we separated, tears started flowing down my cheeks as Mama put her arms around me for a tight hug. Before letting go, she gently whispered “Di bale, babalik naman ako.” To which I replied tearily “Promise mo ‘yan ha.”

Of course I didn’t leave right away. I stayed and watched as she she stood in queue, went through Passport Control, and finally waved goodbye as she headed to the area leading to the gates.
At 8:30am, she called me to say she had already reached the Boarding Gate and was just waiting for the announcement to board the plane.  And a few minutes after 9am, she called again to say that she was already in the plane and just waiting for the rest of the passengers to board. 

Haaaay!!! She just left this morning but I miss her so much already.

Even though you’re an adult, there will always come a time when you’ll want to be treated like a child…by none other than your mom. Kasi iba talaga ang pagmamahal ng isang ina.

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