22 November 2010

don't sing me that song again, daddy

Last night, after drinking her bottle of milk, Caila begins to fidget in bed. Since hubby and I are already sleepy, we also want her to go to sleep (naturally!)...and so the conversation goes...
Hubby: Anak, sleep na tayo okay?
Caila: Okay.
Hubby: Sige, kakantahan ka ni Mommy.
Me: Si Mommy o si Daddy?
Caila: Daddy!
Hubby: O sige.
(hubby inhales, and just when he opens his mouth to begin singing...)
Caila: Mommy! (I try hard not to laugh, unsuccessfully though)
Hubby: Di pa nga ako kumakanta, ayaw mo na kaagad?!
Caila: Mommy!
Me: O sige.
(I sing “Smile” and almost reach the end of the song when Caila starts to fidget again)
Me: Di ka naman nakikinig. Si Daddy na lang ang kakanta.
Caila: Daddy!
Hubby: Ok.
(He inhales and starts to sing a song we used to sing in SFC, “Heaven”) You -
Caila: Mommy!
Me: Hahahahaha!
(he’s already amused, but tries to look angry) Hmp! Ano ba yan?
Me: Sige, ako uli.
(I only sing the first stanza of “Silent Night, Holy Night”)
Me: Caila, ikaw naman mag-sing.
Caila: Aya? Sing?
Me: Opo. Sige na.
(I help her by singing the first word of Beyonce’s song) Listen...
(singing) Aaahh...Aaaaaahhh... Daddy!
Hubby: Ayoko na. Ayaw mo naman ako pakantahin eh. Linoloko mo lang ako.

Hahahaha! Nagtampo!

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