15 November 2010

things i learned yesterday

Actually, these are things that I am always aware of, or received countless forwarded e-mails about, or heard in many talks in CFC and SFC. But yesterday, I was reminded about them...and I hope I won't forget them or take them for granted ever again.

1) Life is short. You never know when or how yours will end, so you should make it as meaningful as you can.
2) Friends made in Christ are true friends for life. They may not end up being your best friend/s forever, but they will surely be good friends you can count on.
3) The wife is her husband's partner; but the husband is still the head of the family who makes the decisions.
4) Couples should never say anything negative about their partner to anyone (remember when we said our vows "...to honor and respect...").
5) Bad things happen to all of us and we often don't know why, but the only things that can help us overcome them are true friends, family and God.
6) Think before you speak. You'll regret it if you don't.

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