20 June 2010

haligi ng tahanan

I’ve taken so many pictures of Caila and hubby while they’re asleep. I don’t know why I like doing it...maybe because they look so peaceful while they’re both off at dreamland...or maybe because hubby’s body is always positioned in a way that seems like he’s cradling Caila or protecting her from harm.

But out of all the pictures, the one below, which was the first “sleeping father & child pic” is my favorite. It was taken when Caila was just around 2 weeks old. She had woken up hungry and crying in the middle of the night, so hubby prepared and fed her a bottle of milk. Usually, after she’s finished drinking, burped, and she’s asleep again, hubby would lay her down beside me and he would follow.

But this time, I noticed that more than 40 minutes had passed but still I was alone in bed.
So I got up...and found the two of them on the couch sleeping so soundly, positioned in such a way that melted my heart that I immediately grabbed my camera to capture it. I’ve tried so many times to describe it, but all I can think of is that it signifies a message that, even when they are asleep all fathers want to tell their children: “Don’t worry, I’m here. I won’t let anyone or anything hurt you. Everything will be ok.”
Dad, Daddy, Papa, Pader, Tatay, Itay, Ama, Pops, or whatever you call your own fathers...HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of you! And thank you, Guchi, for being a great father to Caila. I love you!

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