24 May 2010

ta-ta yaya cha-cha

Last Saturday, after just 6 weeks with us, we let Yaya go (by mutual agreement). It was a tough decision to make coz there were many factors that we had to consider like who would take care of Caila while we’re at work, the large amount of money we had to pay for her 2-year visa, and so many other things. But if letting go of her would put a stop to the constant harassment we were getting from her local sponsor, then that’s what we had to do.

We had been on a rollercoaster ride of emotions for 2 weeks, and it became worse this past weekend, so finally, we decided to cut our ties with her. Anyway, she’s strong and we know that she has friends who can help her out more than we can help her. As long as our family is safe and we have our peace of mind back, that’s what’s important.

Unfortunately, because of this, hubby and I had to make a decision...and like all parents, it’s definitely going to be very difficult for us to do.

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