10 October 2017

Happy Emojis for Sophie's 5th Birthday

Ever since we received the news that Sophie was accepted in her big sister’s school, I immediately knew she would celebrate her next birthday there. And after speaking to her teacher during the Parents Orientation to make sure it was ok to have it on the date of her actual birthday, I set to work in planning and preparing.

As you all know, my girls have to have themes for their birthdays. Whether it’s just a cake or a big party, there should be a theme. Fortunately, thinking of one this year for Sophie was pretty easy. Our youngest daughter is a very happy kid with a silly personality; and since we had been seeing emoji faces at several malls during the summer (she loved standing beside them and copying their expressions), we agreed that that would be the theme.

Next was the design of the cake. After looking at hundreds of them on the internet, we finally decided on a simple clock face. To incorporate the theme, we replaced the numbers with emojis; and to make it a bit more meaningful, the hands would show the time Sophie was born. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the cake myself; I don’t even know how to make fondant icing! Fortunately, my WYD05 buddy/sister had been taking baking and cake decorating classes, so I ordered it from her. I admit I was a bit worried that she wouldn’t be able to meet my expectations because it was too much work and the faces were so small! But fortunately, Irene followed the exact design we wanted. The result was this super yummy vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling, decorated with amazing, very detailed and colorful emojis made from fondant. I was so happy! And of course the celebrant was just as delighted!
Cutting the cake, placing slices on plates, and distributing them to Sophie’s class would be too time-consuming. So just like when Caila celebrated her birthdays at school, I made chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate frosting (the recipes for these were so delish!). And to make them fit the theme, I printed and cut some images I found from the internet, stuck them on toothpicks, and voila! Emoji cupcake toppers!
Finally, the lootbags. As usual, I went back to my trusty supplies shop near Al Ras metro station where we bought stuff for the giveaways, and fortunately, they had useful items with emojis and smileys. Just like the past few birthdays of our girls, we bought KitKat bars and covered them with the emoji wrappers I made to add in the lootbags, and prepared personalized tags with the names of Sophie’s classmates to make sure nobody was missed out.
Anyway, let's go to the morning of Sophie's birthday.  Following our tradition, I made a pancake in the shape of the number of her age, placed in on a plate with a candle, and added Lindt Hello chocolates on the placemat to decorate it according to the theme.  I also put up several emoji faces and a banner of her name on the wall.
Following another tradition, we waited for her birthday greeting on E-Junior.  Fortunately, the photo they used of her this year was the recent one I sent, and not an old one like what they did last year.
At school a bit later, Hubby and I brought the cake, cupcakes and lootbags.  Sophie stood in front while her classmates stood and sang Happy Birthday; and after she blew the candles, she distributed the cupcakes.  To my delight, the kids said the cupcakes were delicious!  And two of them even asked for seconds! Yaaay!
Since she didn't cut the cake then, Sophie did so when she arrived home later after school.  We lit the candles, sang Happy Birthday, and she blew the candles again before proceeding to cut the cake and have a slice.  
Not only was the cake beautifully decorated; it was delicious too!  The vanilla cake was perfectly moist and the chocolate ganache was so creamy and yummy! I'm definitely going to order from Irene again.

After lunch and once she had completed her homework, the two of us headed to the Emaar Entertainment office near Dubai Mall to claim the tickets I won from KidZania's Facebook page.  Perfect timing as her birthday gift ☺
And after that, we headed to Dubai Festival City where we met up with Hubby, Caila, and Jovy for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate.  Naturally, I couldn't help asking our server to prepare a special dessert for our birthday girl which she gladly did and brought with her colleagues as they sang the CPK birthday song for Sophie.
Happy birthday, my baby Sophie!  
Always stay sweet, and always keep that joyful smile on your face.
We love you!

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