18 October 2017

Filipino Food Fiesta at Olive Oil, Jumeira Rotana

Manila, Manila. I keep coming back to Manila…

As my family and I stepped into the lobby of Jumeira Rotana and walked towards Olive Oil Restaurant last Friday, it was hard to miss the strains of the familiar song. We had been invited to try the Filipino Food Fiesta, which is Olive Oil’s new offering for their Friday brunch, and upon seeing that the hotel’s all-day dining outlet had been adorned with colourful buntings near the entrance and at the bar, it instantly put us in the festive mood. And the photobooth with the Philippines’ “King of the Road,” made us more excited to see what was in store for us.
The jeepney and banderitas were the only fiesta-related decors we saw. However, the variety of sumptuous Filipino dishes more than made up for the lack of festive decorations. And anyway, as we often believe in the Philippines, the food is one of, if not the most important part in any event ☺
As soon as we were seated, the server offered the Las Islas, which is a vodka-based cocktail.  I was a bit hesitant to try it at first because I rarely drink alcohol, but to my surprise it was really tasty.  I had no idea what was in it, but as I sipped the beverage, it made me remember the times I spent lazing about on the tropical beaches of the Philippine islands.  It was that delicious!  If we didn't have errands to do after the brunch, I would have asked for another glass. Oh well. Maybe next time ☺  As for Hubby, since he would be driving, he enjoyed an alcohol-free beverage: their Apple Iced Tea.
Just like most brunches and buffets I've tried (whether themed or international), breads, fresh vegetables, salads, and Japanese sushi and maki rolls are always present.
Diving in, I filled my first plate with Pancit Bihon Guisado (sauteed rice noodles) and Fried Tokwa (tofu).  With lots of sahog (ingredients), my girls agreed with me that the pancit was really tasty.  Eaten alone, the tokwa didn't taste much, but once we dipped them in mildly spicy vinegar & soy sauce, Hubby and I ate them with gusto.   There was also Fried Chicken Skin but Hubby and I have never really been fans of eating chicken skin without the meat, so we didn't try that.
Next for me to try were the mains.  I made sure to try a little of everything (some a bit more than the others, though ☺): Nilagang Buntot, Pinaputok na Tilapia, Ginisang Labanos, Ginataang Manok, Fried Kalongo, and Pritong Alimasag...of course, all consumed with steamy white rice.  After all, as one of my Pinoy friends would say "Life is nothing without rice!" ☺
And to top off our hearty brunch, we enjoyed all these panghimagas from the dessert selection.
My sweet tooth particularly enjoyed the Maja Blanca, Cream Puffs and Pinoy-style Fruit Salad.  They were the perfect ending to the filling meal.

Joy of Blessed and Blissed blog was also there with her family to try out the brunch.  And although we often see each other during activities in Kids for Christ, it was only then that our kids had the chance to meet and bond.
Anyway, back to the brunch. 

The Filipino Food Fiesta offers a selection of food from the Philippines at Dhs69 per person.  You just need to add Dhs15 for unlimited soft beverages or Dhs50 for selected but unlimited alcoholic beverages.  And if you're a group of 4, you'll just have to pay for 3.

Another good thing is they change the menu each Friday. So if you want to go back every week, your palates and tummies won’t get tired of having the same food as before. There will always be something different each time you visit. Now that’s a fiesta, right?

Disclaimer: We were invited to try the Filipino Food Fiesta as guests. However, all views and opinions are my own.

Olive Oil Restaurant 
Jumeira Rotana 
2nd December Street, Dubai 
Phone: 04-3455888


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  2. So glad that our family had a wonderful time together having good talks and great Filipino feast. Thank you so much Jumeira Rotana for having us :-)

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