10 September 2016

Mama's 75th Birthday (Part 2): Family Dinner & Dubai Mall

After everyone had gotten enough sleep after the early morning surprise, we all sat down for a hearty late breakfast/early lunch.  Since they haven't tasted Mama's cooking for a long time, our guests from Canada made a special request for her to cook her delicious igado.  As Mama and I walked to the nearby supermarket earlier to buy the ingredients she needed, she kept asking me all sorts of questions as to how we had planned everything, and how thankful and happy she was that all her children and their families were finally all together with her.

You can expect she was really teary-eyed while I was doing my best not to get too emotional (Syempre, nasa supermarket kami eh. Nakakahiya!).  Even when we arrived at home and while enjoying our delicious meal lovingly cooked by Mama, we could see her just looking at us smiling as if she still couldn't believe her eyes.  She said she felt like she was simply floating with happiness and joy.

Later that day, we went to Ate's place in Discovery Gardens where we had a nice family dinner and took photos.  After all, it was a very memorable day.
My sister and I spent the next few days prior to Mama's actual birthday taking our guests around Dubai.  Aside from Mama and Gabe, it was everyone's first time to visit so we made sure they had the chance to see most of the famous tourist spots.

Since our eldest brother and his family were still jetlagged on their second day, we decided to go to Dubai Mall.  Despite her objections, we rented a wheelchair for Mama.  She didn't want to because it made her look old, but we convinced her that it would be useful for later when she or any of her grandchildren became tired from walking. Plus we could put all our bags there if she didn't want to use it. Hahaha!
missing Hubby (at work) and Caila (at school)
Mama and her beautiful children ☺ 
Team Philippines
Team Canada
mother and son reunited
the grandkids
sibling love...completed after 8 years
with my nieces who take their beauty after me 
Mama and all her grandchildren
(Caila and her nanny followed after she arrived home from school)
We practically just strolled around the mall, took pictures, ate at nearby restaurants and caf├ęs, and chatted, but we really enjoyed the special time together.  Here's a photo of Mama that I especially love because, even though her eyes are covered, you could really see the joy in her face that day.

More happy moments and surprises for our birthday girl still to come! Watch out for it!

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