06 September 2016

First Day of School Photos

By now, I’m pretty sure all of the schools in the UAE have started their new school year. How did your first day go, mommies?

For me, since my girls go to different schools (it’s a long story), I had two first days. Just like majority of the schools, my eldest’s first day was on the 28th of August. My youngest, on the other hand, started school on the 1st of September (although, in reality, her official first day was on the 4th of September).
Thankfully, things were fine. There weren’t any tears, although I’m sure both felt nervous and excited on the new things that were in store for them. For Caila, she’s now in Middle School, which is a big difference from her past four years in Junior School. For Sophie, it was her very first time to go to school because we never sent her to nursery or even summer classes.

Anyway, if you’re a parent, I’m sure you must have taken at least one photo of your kid on his or her first day. It’s basically a tradition, right? It’s fun to capture their excited faces at the beginning of the school year and look back later to see how much they’ve grown. Allow me to share the photos of the same "pose" I’ve been taking since our eldest started Kindergarten.
I just love these pictures! Not because I took them, but because of the same message each photo conveys: Daddy will always be there for his little girl. And I know it’s too early to think about, but these shots would be great to include in a slideshow or video on her 18th birthday or wedding day, right? It will start with these pictures and then followed with the father-and-daughter dance or march down the aisle. Of course I’m hoping the wedding will happen after at least 2 decades, though ☺

Since we now have two schoolgirls, we had to have a picture of them together. Fortunately, they weren’t moody, and enthusiastically cooperated with me when I told them what I wanted them to do.
Aren’t they adorable?! Yes, I know I'm biased. But as the saying goes “Love your own!” ☺

I’m really hoping we’ll get to continue this tradition of taking the same kind of first day of school photos for a long time. It’s definitely something nice to look back on when they’re older.

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