07 May 2016

My Alden Richards Story

Alden Richards. Who in the Philippines hasn’t heard of him? He and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) made practically the whole country crazy with their tandem that started on Kalye Serye back in July last year. You can guess I was one of those who became a big fan of AlDub when the phenomenon started. I would watch their episodes every day, joining the AlDub Nation in tweeting about them, participating in the Pabebe Wave Day, cheering them on during their trials on-screen, appreciating the lessons Lola Nidora taught, loving all their commercials, and hoping they would end up together in real life.

When Alden came to Dubai for a show last January, I really wanted to go, but that was the night my sister and I flew out to Switzerland. So when my former colleague who works at GMA posted on Facebook that Alden was coming back in March, I was ecstatic! Here was my chance to finally see the Pambansang Bae up close!
Fast forward to March 9, me and my colleague Sheila (who also follows AlDub) braved the heavy winds and rain to go to Copthorne Hotel in Deira where the Kapuso team was. We immediately saw C (my former colleague), who gave me complimentary tickets for the show (hurray!) and pointed towards Alden where he, Betong Sumaya and Aicelle Santos were busy going through some scripts, and then later entering a room where they started practicing with the dancers. I was soooo kilig! He looked so gwapo! When Hubby arrived a few minutes later, I still couldn’t help gushing. I kept telling him “Mahal, ang pogi nya talaga! Grabeh!” To which he just answered with a smile or laugh. At least hindi seloso ang asawa ko, di ba? Hahaha! ☺
Selfie with C while the artists and their team were discussing something in the background
Another selfie...with Alden at the background
Finally, when she saw Alden wasn’t busy, C called us to the door of the room, she called Alden, and…
Weeeee! Kilig na kilig ako! Super! He was sooo nice, really talking to us and thanking us for our support.

When Hubby and I were each taking pictures of Sheila (he was using my camera, I was using her smartphone), Alden noticed our rings and asked us “Newlyweds?” Maybe our rings still looked like new, or we looked younger than our real ages (I’d like to think the latter), but of course we told him that we’ve been married for almost 8 years already. To which he said “Wow! Ang galing!” Weeeeee (again)! Nakakatuwa that he noticed something like that!

Of course, we didn’t leave without taking pictures with the Philippines' Ballad Princess and Amazing Betong. After all, we were already there. Sayang naman ang opportunity. Just like Alden, they were both friendly and very willing to have their pictures taken with us.
We had to endure heavy traffic on our way home after that, but I didn’t mind. Meeting Alden more than made up for it.
The following day, while I was still giddy and excitedly telling my friends about what happened, this video was sent in one of our WhatsApp group chats:

May special greeting talaga! I was over the moon! Apparently, one of our friends knows Betong, and he (our friend, Tito A) asked him (Betong) to ask Alden to greet us because he (Tito A) knows Tita Dhel and I are such huge fans. Kilig! Kilig! Kilig to the max!☺

Fast forward to that night, my friends and I (and our hubbies) headed to Al Nasr Leisureland for the Kapusong Pinoy Dubai concert.
The three artists entertained the audience with singing, dancing, spiels and jokes.
There was even a time when Betong asked Alden what everyone wanted to know: “Kayo na ba ni Maine?” The crowd keep screaming in delight when Bae was put on the spot with that question. His evasive and funny reply: “Wala yan sa prompter! Wala sa script yan!
One of my favourite parts was when the 2 men had a showdown of dance hits through the decades. Betong was hilarious and Alden really impressed us with his moves. Ok fine. Kahit anong gawin nya, maiimpress talaga ako. Fan ako eh.☺
those eyes!
that dimple!
Getting to meet Alden personally, the greeting, and watching him live onstage really made my day. No, change that. It made my month…my birthday month! He made me forget to act my age!

Oh well.

At least I wasn’t alone, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Minsan lang naman mag-fan mode ☺

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