17 September 2015

Wish I May

I just like the lyrics and the melody...oh, and the guy who sang it, of course ☺

Wish that I could say these words tonight 
Wish I have the courage, wish I might 
Have the chance to show you, speak what's on my mind 
While you're right next to me 
I've loved you from the start 

Wish that I could walk you down the road 
Share each moment, have my hand to hold 
My imagination's beginning to unfold 
Every wish is granted, every dream and hope 

Wish I may, wish I might 
Find a way to your heart 
Wish that I'll be the sun to warm you all through your life 
Wish you may feel my love that is hidden in the stars 
Wish I may, wish I might 
Be the one 

Maybe now I'm ready to be found 
Then I'll be a part of who you are 
Promise of forever, never break your heart 
Always there to listen, always by your side

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