07 June 2014

Germany Getaway: Walking the Dog, an Italian Meal, the Baldeneysee, and Skip-Bo

On Monday, being the first day of the work week, Mom and Dad went to their clinic. Michaela arrived to have breakfast with us, and then we later went to a nearby forest, passing by her place to pick-up her and Sebastian’s baby. Here’s Hubby and me with the apple of their eyes:
Summer is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and she’s pretty big (it's just not that obvious in the picture because she’s sitting down). I was scared when I first saw her at the Polterabend because she was so hyper and excited, but she’s very friendly and playful, and follows instructions easily. It was our first time to walk a dog (parang nakakahiya aminin ‘no?!), but since Summer has been domesticated since she was a puppy, we enjoyed it.
Actually, we walked while she ran. Tuwang-tuwa, parang batang nakawala. When she realized she was too far ahead of us, she would either run back to us or stop and wait where she was, giving us a look that seemed to say “Come on! What’s taking you so long?!
Occasionally, we crossed paths with other people walking their dogs, and we could see Summer wanted to play with them. Sometimes Michaela let her play for a few minutes and we would watch the dogs bark and jump and chase each other; but if the other dog was very small and/or the dog’s leash was tied around the owner’s body, Michaela would hold Summer’s collar, making her stay put or make her walk beside us as we passed by the other.

The walk gave us another view of nature’s splendor. Like the fields we saw yesterday, the forest was also beautiful, with all the trees surrounding the paths, butterflies and birds flying around, the cool breeze, and the clean air. Here’s a picture I took using my mobile phone:
Take note, that shot is not filtered or edited in any way. Ang ganda di ba? Pwede pang-wallpaper =)

After the walk, we went back to M&S’s place where we fed Summer (she was really hungry from all that running around) and rested a bit. After a while, we walked home (leaving Summer and the television on so that she wouldn’t feel alone) to wait for Mom and Dad.

They took us to their favorite Italian restaurant for lunch which had been closed for several years, but had opened again recently.  Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the restaurant (Trulli's or Trulli? I'm not sure), nor were we able to get a picture of how it looks outside.
The menu was in German but Michaela and Dad translated the items to us. Hubby ordered carbonara pasta, Dad had a calzone, and Mom, Michaela and I had a different pizza each. While waiting for our food, the server gave us some bread and herbed butter. We were given 3 baskets of bread, and because they were so warm and yummy, Dad asked for another basket and serving of butter. Ganon kasarap! A few minutes later, our food was served…and Hubby and I were shocked at how big the servings were! An order was good for 2 or 3 people pala…well, for appetites like mine and Hubby’s that is. Good thing my Hawaiian pizza was really tasty, so I managed to eat everything on my plate. Unfortunately, Hubby probably ate too many rolls of bread so he wasn’t able to finish his pasta. When he asked if we could just take the leftovers home, hindi pala pwede. It’s not allowed daw in any restaurant. Sayang, masarap pa naman.

After lunch, Dad went back to the clinic, and Mom, Michaela, Hubby and I headed to the Baldeneysee (Baldeney Lake). Upon arriving, we saw so many ducks and ducklings. Like the day before when I saw the cows and rabbits, natuwa ako. Michaela even asked me if it was my first time to see a duck. Nakakahiya! I think this is the effect of living in Dubai for so long; when you see live animals freely wandering around in their natural habitat, you become amazed and delighted like a kid. Hehehe.
a duck and her ducklings
At the Lake you can ride a cruise ship, sail a boat, and go swimming.
There’s a pavement at the lakeside where people freely walk, jog, run, go skating, rollerblading or ride their bikes. Or just sit and magmuni-muni while enjoying the cool weather.
We walked for a while until we came across a restaurant where we rested and had some drinks.

waiting for our refreshments
There was another duck floating nearby, and because it looked so calm and peaceful, I couldn’t help taking a picture of it.
That night after a light dinner (we were still full from what we had eaten for lunch), Dad asked us if we wanted to play a particular card game. Although we’ve never heard of it before, we agreed to play Skip-Bo immediately because it sounded like fun. At first, it was Mom and me vs. Dad and Hubby so that they could teach us how to play.
When we got the hang of it, it was the four of us against each other. It was surprisingly fun, keeping us busy and entertained until 10pm. It’s actually an interesting game, teaching you to think and strategize, and observe very closely. And because we were too focused on the cards, we only noticed later that Hubby was getting rid of his cards quite quickly and pretty often, prompting Mom and me to jokingly complain that Dad was helping him out. He may or may have, but he and Hubby just laughed it off.  No worries, though. It was just a game, and the important thing was we all had fun…and use our brains as well.

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