29 May 2014

Did I Tell You That Mama is Back in Dubai?

She arrived on the 26th of April, and hopefully, if things go ok and the DNRD grants her a residence visa, she’ll be here for another year.

This time, she’s staying at my sister’s place (since she’s her sponsor). But that’s ok since we visit them or she stays at our place during weekends. And while we were in Germany, she was the one who stayed with the nanny and helped take care of our girls.

Which brings me to why it was only me and Hubby who went on that trip.

Once our Schengen visas were issued, I sent a letter to Caila’s school to inform them that our family was going to Germany. I even had a meeting with the head of the Junior School as well as the School Principal to discuss this, but since she had already used up the maximum allowable number of absences for the year, plus they had just returned from Spring Break and the term had just begun, they said that Caila's leave (if she went through with it) would be unauthorized, and it might be a reason for her not to graduate from the Foundation Stage because “the KHDA is very strict now with attendance and it would be difficult to explain her long absence without a valid reason” (their exact words). I knew they were just saying that, though. No way would they keep a kid in FS2 just because of excess absences, right? It just wouldn’t be fair or logical. So Hubby and I still planned to take Caila and Sophie.

But then when we found out Mama was going to arrive before the end of April, and after much consideration and several discussions, we decided to leave our daughters in the care of Mama and Jovy, and go to Germany for our first trip abroad as husband and wife...which actually turned out to be the right decision in the end.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m so happy she’s here...I can always count on her for anything.

It’s always comforting to know that your mother is in town, don’t you think?
Welcome back, Mama!

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