11 November 2013

victims of typhoon yolanda need your help

Who hasn’t heard about the devastation that one of the most powerful storms ever recorded brought to the Philippines over the weekend? It’s practically all over the news.
image from mb.com.ph
image from inquirer.net
image from ibtimes.com
These are just a few of the pictures, but you can see and imagine how much damage Typhoon Yolanda brought, and the lives it took and affected.  And as of the time that I'm writing this post, it has been declared in the news that the death toll may reach 10,000!  So much loss in just a couple of days!

From all around the world, all sorts of help are pouring out for the Philippines. To name a few, the UAE, Saudi Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the US, Canada, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA) have donated and pledged support and assistance programs and projects for the victims of the super typhoon. Even Pope Francis has asked for everyone’s prayers through his Twitter account.

The victims need all the help they can get. So if you are one of the kind-hearted souls who would like to help but don’t know how, please click on this site and/or this site which have updated lists of official groups and centers which you can contact.

No matter how small or big your assistance is, it will definitely go a long way…and I’m sure my kababayans would be eternally grateful.

Maraming salamat po.

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