27 November 2013

want-it wednesday: visit japan

And it’s all Ser Chief and Maya’s fault.
If you live in the Philippines or are an OFW who has a TFC subscription, you most probably know who I’m talking about and why. But if not, let me introduce them to you with a background.

I’m not the type of person who follows Tagalog soap operas on television, especially those that are shown in the afternoon (when I haven’t reached home yet) or late evening (when I’d rather be in dreamland). Even when our friends often talked about the previous day’s episode or what was going on in the story, I would just tune out. But when our wedding godparents (who are leaders of the YFC in Jebel Ali and are a couple we really look up to) admitted that they also follow the show, I became curious. So I started watching episodes of “Be Careful With My Heart” on Youtube to see what the fuss was about…and I liked it. It’s basically a modern day fairy tale about a nanny/maid (Maya) who falls in love with her widower boss (Ser Chief/Richard), who eventually falls in love with her as well. Sure there were parts that dwelled too long on a particular event, but the drama is basically light (no violence or animosity between characters), shows the Pinoy cultures, and teaches a few lessons from time to time. Plus, the actors and actresses just act natural, not forced. So even though it's a fairy tale story, you can still relate with what they were going through. I found it too much though when practically the entire wedding and reception were filmed (even the boring parts) as if that day really and truly happened. OA na masyado if you ask me. Anyway, after the wedding, the newlyweds went to Japan for their honeymoon. Which is the reason for this post.

If you don’t know yet, Hubby and I love Japanese food. We’re lucky that whenever we crave for it, this cuisine is available and affordable (in most restaurants) here in Dubai. Also, when company guests arrive, they usually bring omiyage for all of the staff in our office, allowing us to taste the different sweets from Japan. An added bonus is when big bosses visit, some of them give a separate smaller box of Japanese sweets just for me. Plus, I work for a Japanese company which has its own washlet in the office so I get to experience this bit of high technology from their country every day.   

Until recently, I was content that all these Japanese stuff was within my reach. But when I watched the past 2 episodes of “Be Careful With My Heart,” I realized that I want to actually visit and experience Japan. 

I want to eat authentic Japanese food that was freshly cooked in Japan by a local chef.

I want to stay in a ryokan (traditional inn) that has sliding doors in the rooms.
I want to see Mount Fuji (I don’t think I could climb it, though) and ride the shinkansen (bullet train).
I want to soak in a natural hot spring.
I want to run in the falling snow, catch the flakes and watch them melt (actually, I want to do this in any country that has snow).

And most of all, I want to experience walking in the park and being surrounded by beautiful pink cherry blossom trees.
As I mentioned earlier, I work for a Japanese company. The head office is in Tokyo, and several of my engineer colleagues have frequently travelled there for meetings and trainings. But that’s it. None of the staff in HR, Administration or Accounts has gone there on behalf of the Dubai branch, so it’s not likely that my managers would think of sending me there on a business trip.

I’m wishing upon a star and keeping my fingers crossed that one day, there’ll be an important reason for them to send me to our head office for a few days.  Or maybe I'll win in this Etihad Airways competition that I joined.  So, who knows?

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