03 April 2017

#ComeAsYouAre With Crocs Isabella Sandals {A Review}

I used to own only 2 pairs of Crocs shoes: the Farrah Ballet Flats and Huarache Mini Wedge. I can't remember how long I've owned them, but for sure it's been around 3 or 4 years. Until now, I still use them because they're comfy, allows me to keep up with my kids, and just so comfortable! J

I was actually thinking of getting another pair when lo and behold! Crocs sent me an invitation to work with them for their new campaign. Of course I immediately said YES! And after a quick browse on the net revealed that superstars Drew Barrymore, John Cena, Henry Lau and YOONA recently joined Crocs as its global brand ambassadors, I was even more thrilled!
So one Saturday in March, several bloggers and influencers of Dubai gathered at Crocs' newest branch in Deira City Centre for a Meet-n-Greet with Jasmine and Zenaida (of Crocs Middle East's Graphic, Media & Marketing Support team), followed by a brief discussion over coffee, then ending with choosing which pairs we wanted.
Want to see what I chose?
The newest addition to my Crocs collection
Since getting these Isabella Sandals, I've been wearing them almost every day.  As someone who takes the BMW (bus-metro-walk) regularly, I prefer wearing flats when going to work because it makes the commute more bearable. If I'm not wearing the right shoes, standing on a bus caught in traffic, standing again on a semi-crowded metro, and walking for a few more minutes to get to my office will make me stressed before my day even started, right?
Just some of the many surfaces I walk on every day
Fortunately, these are just perfect. They're comfortable (my first requirement, obviously), stylish, and go with practically anything I wear.  I just love that they're so versatile!  And because they're so lightweight and the soles are cushioned, my feet don't have a hard time whenever I'm rushing to catch the bus or metro J

My feet are more wide than long, but I've never felt any pain or aching pressure on the side near my little toes. I admit, though, that I did get blisters on my heels when I first wore them.  But then again, that always happens to me the first time I wear new shoes. Always, and at the same place! But after breaking them in, these have become one of my favorite sandals.

Expect me to be wearing this pair a lot!

PS. Watch out for a giveaway soon. You won't want to miss it! J

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