20 January 2015

My Pandora Charm Bracelet

If you recall, I mentioned last year that I wanted to get myself a Pandora bracelet with charms…but that plan took the back seat when I bought myself an Anne Klein charm watch bracelet instead. This year though, I really, really wanted to own a piece of Pandora jewellery, but now I didn’t want to buy it myself; I wanted it to be gifted to me. And I approached the only person I could ask…Hubby, of course =)

I initially told him that I could wait until my birthday, but then I convinced him to buy it sooner so that he could take advantage of the sale during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Which is why my birthday gift became my Dubaiversary gift as well!
When we entered the Pandora shop in Deira City Centre last week, I was overwhelmed by just looking at the jewelleries displayed. There were so many and they all looked so pretty! Although I was able to choose the type of bracelet I wanted right away, I spent a looong time trying to decide which charms I wanted. And when I asked to see their brochure, I found it even more difficult to make up my mind. I would have loved to get charms in gold, but they were way too pricey. Anyway, the ones I chose were just as pretty, and I compensated by getting a silver one that has a gold accent.

Here's what I got:
Sterling Silver Bracelet – Silver goes well with almost everything and this is their most common type.
Lacewing Butterfly Clip – I like how these insects simply flutter by peacefully with their colourful wings.
Alphabet P Charm – Obviously I got this because of my name.
Unicorn Pendant Charm – Since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated by these magical creatures who are known to be very kind, gentle, and pure. Probably because of my obsession back then, there was a time I actually believed I was a unicorn in my past life.
Red Fizzle Murano Charm – My favourite colour.
Magic Sky Clip – I seem to like anything celestial these days. I always see something beautiful when I look at the stars (when they do come out here in Dubai) and moon, and the cloud formations in the sky.

And they all came with this box and polishing cloth
I still can’t get over the fact that I have my own Pandora charm bracelet…a piece of jewellery that symbolizes things about me. I like that it’s classy and matches almost anything I wear.

Of course I’m planning to fill it up with other charms in the future. Actually, I already have a couple in mind that I’m saving up for…unless someone special decides to get them for me for Mother’s Day, or our anniversary, or Christmas, or just because…*wink*

Do you have a charm bracelet, or are you planning to get one? What are the meanings or stories behind each charm?

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  1. If you recall, I mentioned last year that I wanted to get myself a Pandora bracelet with charms…but that plan took the back seat when I bought ... bpandoracharm.blogspot.com


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