31 January 2015

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Since I bought a kite from Day to Day last week, Caila had been asking us every single day, morning and evening, if and when she could fly it. Finally, she had the chance when we went to the nearby park yesterday afternoon.
Hubby preparing the kite and explaining what he's doing while the girls look on
Another happy gal
Unfortunately, there was hardly any wind...just a light breeze from time to time...so the only option was to run.  Hubby tried it first so Caila could see how to do it.
And then it was her turn. She ran from one end to the other over and over again until she became tired

A visit to the park wouldn’t be complete without the girls going to the playground, so of course they wanted to go there.

They agreed when we told them it was time to go home, but Caila wanted to fly the kite again one last time before leaving. We couldn’t say “no” could we?

So while many people flocked to Jumeirah Beach for the Dubai International Kite Fest over the weekend, our family had our own kite-flying activity near our home.

Just one kite, but enough memories to treasure for that entire afternoon.


  1. ALl work and no play makes Jack a dull. It's good you took the kids out for fun and I can tell that they really had some nice time out.

    Best regards to them

    1. I agree; we need to have a balance of work and play to live life to the fullest. Even though I didn't actually fly the kite that day, I was simply content on watching them and looking at their happy faces. Priceless! :)

  2. Few weeks ago, Matt and I had kite flying session using DIY kite. Maybe this weekend, we will try to have another session.

  3. Yes, we couldn't say "No" to kids! :) I must admit, wishing all parks are accessible in the Phils. Indeed, it was one priceless moment. :)

  4. I agree with Millie! I also wish parks are accessible for the children. We usually bring them to UP Diliman. But malayo pa rin from Caloocan! Being cooped up at home most of the time is no fun!

  5. Kite flying is something that the KIDS of this generation might not get a experience of. I would love how to teach my kids how to make and how to fly such kind of thing.

  6. My daughter also likes flying kites. If only there is a nearby park like that, she would enjoy better just like your daughters!


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